Down IV – Part 1 – The Purple EP Reviewed

Down IV – Part 1 – The Purple EP
ILG / Down Records
      After three critically acclaimed studio albums heavy metal supergroup Down, consisting of members of Pantera, Crowbar and Corrosion Of Conformity have just released their first new music in 5 years under a series of EPs. Down IV – Part 1 – The Purple EP is the first in a series of four. The other three will be released sometime through next year. The Purple EP contains six songs that were entirely self produced and recorded in Front man: Phil Anselmo’s home studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.
     The Purple EP displays the classic sound of the band, their trademark signature of sludge and doom. Guitarists Kirk Windstein and Pepper Keenan compliment each other very finely in every song throughout the EP. The production value of the EP stands out tremendously by it is fully raw is fully raw and visceral. The first single “Witchtripper” is a very catchy tune. While the last track “Misfortune Teller” really shows the worth of Down recording a EP, instead of another studio album. Epic and long, the track takes the listener along the full nine minutes with the different sounds and textures recorded within the song.
     With the band deciding to record a EP, the first of many upcoming others. I think this plan has really worked out well for them, very well in their favor and their fans. The Purple EP has really impressed me and will do the same with a fellow Down fan also. I’m certainly looking forward to the next three EPs in the set.
-Sean Tighe

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